Bear It Up - Release

Our own photographer, David, has released his first book, “Bear It Up,” a photographic exploration of the diversity in the larger male body.  Featuring models from the Melbourne bear community, the photos in “Bear It Up” portray them in fun and sexy ways to show that anyone can be model material.

Perceiving a lack of positive role models and representations of larger bodies, has undertaken this three year long project as an attempt to fill that void.

“It’d like to show that there’s more to a beautiful body, than just how your big muscles are or how flat your stomach is,” David said.
“This book celebrates whatever your body is, regardless of what you’d like it to be, or what other people say it should be. The most important thing is to love your body and yourself for where you are in your life.”

Models that participated also saw an added effect from taking part in the project.  “It’s made me more comfortable in my skin and has given me a boost of self confidence to just be myself,” Ben, one of the participants, said.

Thank you to all who attended the launch party for “Bear It Up”.  Held on Friday April 28, there was much buzz at the hosting ArtBoy Gallery in Prahran, over half the models were there plus the extra special print that were made for the launch were all the talk for the night.
Photos courtesy of DEANnation to go up shortly.

Copies are available in the following Melbourne stores: Hares and HyenasEagle Leather and ArtBoy Gallery.
Due to low sales Mannhaus has discontinued stock of the book.