- Summer 2015 Artist Collaboration - 

Summer 2015 Challenge

Intent: To create an image inspired by a submitted song from contributing artists.
Conditions: In order to participate you must work within the following conditions.

  • The medium of artwork is to only be photography.
  • An artist may enter before the closing date of 21st Dec 2014.
  • All works submitted must in before 31st Jan 2015.
  • Upon entry, an artist must nominate one song to add to the available songs to be used by other artists.
  • Artists may watermark their work if they wish, but only with a basic name and copyright in the bottom left or right corners of the image.

This is what each artist submitted:

Kevin - "Maximum Sentences" inspired from All the Rowboats

Kevin - "Burn with you tonight" inspired from Fire mets Gasoline

Evan - "Pets" inspired from Pets

Evan - "Pets" inspired from Pets

Cookie - "We'd make great pets" inspired from "Pets"

Cookie - "Masterpieces serving maximum sentences" - inspired from All the Rowboats