An Artist's worth

A painter paints, a designer designs, a photographer photographs.
Whilst the concept is simple enough, we are what we can do, what if the resources to do what we do aren't available.  More so, what if we're expected to do what we can do, without the financial backing to simply get enough resources to do the work.
But as a photographer, you have a camera, isn't that enough?

Well fellow artist, James Gould-Bourn (graphic designer) decided to parody the responses of the commissioning people (all of whom say the same basic thing). 

One of my more favourite comments was:
"You don't just need money to maintain what you build, you need money to build it, too. You can't promise construction workers that they'll get paid once the tower is done. That shows a lack of management skills."

While I do have a camera and I can take a photo. The question is, how much of my time and skill are you willing to barter with to get the photo from the camera to you via editing process to you?