Lifestyle: Fat by Choice and other bigger than life blogs

At lot of what I've been photographing in terms of models has been primarily focused on the bear community.  Mainly due to the stigma of being large is seen to equate to being unhealthy.

A few blogs I've since across have put an interesting perspective for the opposite, that being larger is actually better for self esteem.  Without summarizing it for you, here is the article:

Fat by Choice

I found this an amazing piece that speaks for the larger of us and quite proud of the author.
In other surfing of the webs, I've also come across this list of larger men fashion blogs that could also be of use to the bigger of us.


In totally other news and closer to home, I'm now working with the local Bear community firstly as photographer, then as competitor/local ambassador in the Southern Hibearnation festival!
Photos of the event wont be posted until after the week, but fingers crossed I win the title...
Or the Men on Men art competition I've also entered.  A win either way would be awesome!