Some websites for inspirational imagery and ideas

So while on my regular surfings of the web, i came across some very interesting galleries I thought I'd share for you all to appreciate.

This Powerful Photo Series Proves That "Fat" Is Beautiful

I've always been a big advocate for being comfortable in the skin you're in.  Whilst we've all had the body shaming and the healthy pitch from experts and friends/family alike, if you're accepting if what you are now, you can still strive to better. I find it's also a healthy place to start from rather than allowing yourself to self shame as well. (Hence why I feel the need for the bear book, release TBA soon)

Why Yoga and BDSM Are More Similar Than You'd Think

Like anything, both practices take a level of discipline and focused measure.  A good read.

15 Unbelievable Photos Of A 60-Year-Old Dominatrix With Her Client

Just a quick glance at the photos and you can see the dedication that goes into such practice of lifestyle.  I'd love to capture that in local models and in doing so, preserve a moment and ideal within it.  (New BDSM ideals book concepts)