"Bear It Up" - The bear book

So... I may have.... over the last few years... been working on a major project.

It's taken a lot longer to make than intended, a lot of hands to be involved and MANY hours of sitting in front of this computer going, how do I make this work?!


I'd like to FINALLY announce the bear book, "Bear It Up", is finally completed and in pre-launch phase!!!

This 64 page book of some of the most sexy guy I know, is a full A4 size of them showing you how you can be sexy, in any body shape you might be.
From the slim to the very large, all these guys has some reservations about getting in front of the camera, but almost all of them walked away with comments such as "I feel much more comfortable in my own skin having done that".

The book is in store locally (and in store only) at Hares and Hyenas, Eagle Leather, Mannhaus, ArtBoy Gallery and the Laird hotel for you to have a flick through and see for yourself what it looks like and place pre-orders there.
Online pre-orders are via my website (CLICK HERE) thru the publications tab.
The pre-orders are open until Easter with the Launch party on April 28 at one of the above venues.  You'll have to pre-order a book for me to tell you which. :)

Thank you also to EVERY single person who has been involved in this huge project of mine.  I really hope the effort goes into showing someone that you can be big and beautiful within yourself.