Quotable Quotes - 1

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.
— Ed Sabol

I've heard a different version of this -  "The Taste (Quality) is remembered long after the wait is forgotten".
It's a catch cry that Nando's uses quite a bit, I like it for a lot of reasons.

Firstly it's a catch saying to savour the good things in life, as we're all too often driven by instantaneous gratification seeking, particularly since the dawn of internet accessibility.

Secondly, it's a statement of intent and later, one of reiteration.  How many times have you gone back to the same place for a coffee because they make GOOD coffee?  True some times you go it's busier than others, or you rework your routine to allow for that extra wait for the GOOD coffee.  But you do it not because of the wait, but the anticipation is paid off with quality craftsmanship or some other aspect.

I found myself quoting this lately as I rush to organise photo shoot and book models. But once the shoot is done and the images are digitally sitting there in a holding pattern to be edited, it can often take a while.  Those of course are the photos that don't have a deadline for some chronological end of their meaning or aren't paid sessions where the client has a fair expectation of a set turnaround.
These are the photos that have creative and purposeful meaning by how i shoot them, with intent as to how they will be conveyed at a later time in another portfolio type context.  So rushing to edit them sometimes isn't as productive as letting them sit and emotionally settle in my mind as to how to finalise their meaning.

To this, let me explain now that I will not rush work to appease the anon's of the internet that see I've taken photos of models (as sexy and handsome as they are), so that you can get a quick thrill of seeing them in another context before I'm ready to present them as they are intended.

Quality of presentation is how I like to portray this studio, nothing less.