A Breakthrough from a bad run

Its getting closer to Xmas, so of course the pre-holiday craziness us upon us.
Of the last few months there's been a fair bit happening both on and under the surface, most of it external to myself directly, but has direct effects to me.

The most prominent is the American election, how the stocks crashed on the day, the constant talk and fear of what the world may look like given the things that have come from both this and other international changes.
More locally with my day job, taking on way more than my state branch can handle over the last few months which has lead to many hours, days and even weeks just being to focused, occupied and driven mad with all the technical issues and lack of resources to achieve a productive outcome.  Leading to many moments where the stress of dealing with the day job (and often after hour coverage of breakdowns) has lead to social and home relational strains.

Speaking of home, there seems to be a pattern where one foundation of your day to day life, the others start to crack under the strain, as too has some of the things around the house; the spa, the automatic gates, prominently leaking taps, failing door hinges, etc.  So while I've been away from work, these homely issues also have needed my attention and effort to maintain status quo.

While I've had a short break here and there, I've always felt like i have been playing catch up just to a neutral state of mind and being with the world around me.

Which now leads to today.
Today I feel, at least at this very moment, that I've finally had the energy, inclination, time and mental capacity to get not only things repaired, but a few minor improvements achieved as well.

  • The Automatic gates (while I've been trying to finalised the repair of) are now working with a new control board. (Old board stopped opening one side of gate)
  • Replaced the wood screws with stainless steel screws that hold up the replacement toilet cistern (Rust resistant screws basically) as well as beaded the toilet base with silicone.
  • Cleaned and vacuumed the work car (Which i spend 10+ hours in a week) in order to de-clutter my work space and hopefully help improve my mental space by reflecting it in the physical space.

    Oh, yeah.... 

    I also finally finished and have ordered the first publication of my Bear book that has been in the works for 3 years.   Stay tuned for more info on the launch of the book early next year and where you can get your own copy.

    So with all that done, I can look toward the next 4 weeks with a bit more confidence that something has been done for the better.  I'd like to hear what you've considered a personal achievement for yourself recently.