My next Major artistic venture

So it's April of 2016, approximately 2 months off the timeframe I'd initially set out to finish the graphic Bear book project.  As of yet, I still feel like I could do with a handful more models, perhaps 5 - 10 more.  People of ages 40+, more muscular or chubbier builds to give a broad spectrum and variation in whom I've captured for this, at least, first book of the variety of bodies in the bear culture.
If however by mid August I don't seem to get any more, I think I'll have to close the gates and work with what I have to produce the final result.  The collection process is wearing a bit thin on my enthusiasm now and i'd just like to get a final product finalized.

Note: If you know anyone willing and able to help out, PLEASE get hold of me.  I have some free weekends and evenings to work with.

HAVING said that, I have started a new idea on what I'd like to produce next.
It's now more focused on the BDSM/Leather community and more specifically, the rules and ideals people live by in their sexual lives and in the more broader leather life they lead.

Still brainstorming the final outlay and direction of it, but again, call out for people in the Melbourne area who'd be interested in being photographed and sharing some of their thoughts would be appreciated.

Life's limitations

Hi reader.

It would feel like there hasn't been any new developments since I started the blog and the website, but much has happened behind the scenes.  Alas, most of it has to do with my daytime job and its impact on my time and energy to carry out other project like this one.

However, in the brief moments I've had to assemble models and other meetings I've achieved the following.

  1. Agreed to be the photographer for Southern Hibearnation 2014.  More about the event can be seen at
  2. Prepared a few shots for the Men on Men art competition.  More about that can be seen at
  3. Built a new workbench in the garage/home studio so i can now place things on it without tipping it over. (Previously it was a few uneven planks sitting on a old kitchen bench)

In short, a lot of background upgrades and repairs to the home and ego.  Stay tuned for more as events develop.