New works up on Red Bubble

So for those who don't Know I have a few other accounts on Artist websites.

The first of these is Red Bubble which can be found HERE
I've just as of TODAY added some long overdue quirky versions of other shirts I've owned, up until recently. (They were culled with this year's Spring cleaning)
I'd REALLY appreciate if you showed your love and picked up a few, or at least pass on the word to someone who you think might like them.

The next of my other artistic websites is DeviantArt which can be found HERE
Some of my much earlier work and general portfolio can be found on that site, so if you're curious what I thought good back when I was starting, that's where it still lies.

Even further back than that I tried my hand at Desktop Background Images on Casedes HERE
While I don't use that site anymore, the gallery is still up.

Also on FurAffinity and InkBunny, although don't post anything myself.

hope you're all having a good time while I edit many photo shoots and slowly work towards my current project.  More info to come soon!