My next Major artistic venture

So it's April of 2016, approximately 2 months off the timeframe I'd initially set out to finish the graphic Bear book project.  As of yet, I still feel like I could do with a handful more models, perhaps 5 - 10 more.  People of ages 40+, more muscular or chubbier builds to give a broad spectrum and variation in whom I've captured for this, at least, first book of the variety of bodies in the bear culture.
If however by mid August I don't seem to get any more, I think I'll have to close the gates and work with what I have to produce the final result.  The collection process is wearing a bit thin on my enthusiasm now and i'd just like to get a final product finalized.

Note: If you know anyone willing and able to help out, PLEASE get hold of me.  I have some free weekends and evenings to work with.

HAVING said that, I have started a new idea on what I'd like to produce next.
It's now more focused on the BDSM/Leather community and more specifically, the rules and ideals people live by in their sexual lives and in the more broader leather life they lead.

Still brainstorming the final outlay and direction of it, but again, call out for people in the Melbourne area who'd be interested in being photographed and sharing some of their thoughts would be appreciated.

Turning a negative to a positive

One of the many issues of being a photographer is having people cancel a booking with you.  Like many things its annoying, particularly if there's no communication prior to the agreed booking that there's been a change on their end.  If out of courtesy I'm informed beforehand I'm usually bummed out but not completely frustrated at the situation as I can often redirect my intended energies on to other productive things.  As has been this case this week.

My intended model whom I'd book this weekend had in fact got a new job and was now working at the time of the booking. I had found this out early enough that morning that I could indeed redirect my energies elsewhere.  Namely researching option for blinds for the master bedroom which will be painted and cleaned in the coming month.  In my travels I could finally dispose of very old clothing to a new home, recycle the 4 plastic bags with of plastic bags and reconnect with a few friends of mine that run a car wash down the main industrial drag.  Which allowed me to line up another model in discussions. :)

The other positive thing to come about this weekend was the music system in my studio/garage has been until late, only CD's or a very constant static with the faintest hints of radio signal.  As you can imagine this is not conducive to inspiring audio for any model who needs a mood setter.  So I finally decided to complete the project to wire up speaker cable through the garage from a computer in the garage, to the CD/Radio system. I now have MY OWN MUSIC, STATIC FREE!

So while I am still fretting about getting enough photo sessions in with a few models in time to release my next calendar for the coming year, I can atleast make use of the fact I can now set the mood for photo sessions and help alleviate my working hours alone in the garage.

Now to fix the computer properly...