Down, but not out.

I feel a lot of time has past since I launched the "Bear it up" book.
I can't say I've had much chance to do any more shoots in that time.

I would chalk most of that up to changes in my day job, taking on more responsibility in a changing team of varying experiences.
While I may continue to be on the quiet side for the remainder of this year, I'm still planning on some scenic photography opportunities in Europe later this year.
Not planning on beginning any new projects until early next year, but still open for photo shoots if requested.

The "Bear it up" Book is as always available for sale online here andin stores at Eagle Leather, Hares and Hyenas bookstore and ArtBoy gallery.

In the mean time, I've been working on starting a side to the photography; silicone moulding!
More of that in due time.