Winter 2015 Challenge

Time to launch the next challenge, get ready.... and GO!

Intent: To create images that illustrate your suburb of residence.

  • The image must not be any graffiti or contain any locational text.
  • If people are in the photo, majority must be facing towards the camera.
  • Photos are to be of publicly accessible viewing spaces. (No private backyard shots for example.)
  • To honor the origin of this challenge, you can only take a maximum of 24 photos for the whole project. 
    This is to simulate film based photography, so you need to plan your shots and take your time.
    Only 3 images may be submitted of the 24 you can take.

Conditions: In order to participate you must work within the following conditions:

  • The medium of artwork is to only be photography.
  • An artist may enter any time before the works are to be submitted.
  • All works submitted must in before 31st Aug 2015.
  • Artists may watermark their work if they wish, but only with a basic name and copyright in the bottom left or right corners of the image.
    Any links to portfolios can be included upon publishing here if you wish to provide one to me.