The Bear book project continues....

After a much lapsed time with primary job work commitments, I'm now back on track with the latest project, a Bear Book of local guys.  Without giving too much detail away as to the what just yet, I can tell you it's been years in the making, with at least another one to two left before publication.

The big step up in this project is the usage of more than one location to shoot at, so models aren't expected to trek (heaven forbid for some) into the zone 2 areas of the metro region to my studio. I'd like to thank Eagle Leather who've offered and now used their seminar space for me to setup a portable studio.  Will hopefully be doing that again soon.
Have a few more possible studio spaces in the inner city area I'm intending to try soon so fingers crossed it'll be amazeballs!

As for the latest shoot, I endeavored a 3 session shoot day with at least 1 to 2 models per session.  As it turned out, I re arranged the sessions so that there could be four slots and each of them were filled.
I'd like to thank Mark, Elias, Geoff, Brad and Phil for each dedicating their time (and image) for the project and hope to get some samplers out in the next week.