Balancing the day

One of the biggest challenges in our modern day is to find a equilibrium between duties to society (Working), duties to our own development (Artistic, recreational, etc) and our duties to self preservation (Rest).  It was in 1817 that the concept of the 8 day week began by Robert Owen after being refined from a 10 hour day.  It was sloganed "Eight hours labour, Eight hours recreation, Eight hours rest" (Wikipedia)

To this end, today I found myself trying to live up to that ideal as best as i could.  Not accounting for the fact that travelling to and from my day job usually adds an extra 2 hours to my 'work' allocation time.  The remaining 6 waking hours of the day was spent landscaping and calendar designing while watching Buffy episodes.

And now as I lay down ready for my nightly rest I reflect on the productive and energetic day that was.  If only most of my days were as productive as today, I'd like to think I'd be a more satisfied person in the world.