A weekend away

So Labour day weekend just past recently and with it an annual festival, Chill Out.

This festival to me is the equivalent of a weekend sized version of Mardi Gras but in the country. So a mate and I usually go camping and enjoy the country town, its various shops and events on over the festival weekend.

This year was an excellent opportunity to try out my Nikon D800's ability to do night photography, as i'e picked up a few more tips from various magazines i collect.

Added today was the two I've edited thus far, one in the Nature category, a shot of the moon on long exposure through some trees, giving an eerie UFO feel to the shot.  The second is in the Object Focus category, the candle in the candelabra taken from the Convent Gallery Halls.

Also want to point out I've also separated the In Studio categories to portrait and landscape orientation groups to help display neater.