Summer 2015 Collaboration

This summer I'd decided to follow the example of a respected bara artist CaptGerBear ( who every October does an Orctober Exchange. This exchange promotes various artist to develop a sketch to which others in the exchange then have to color and contextualise as they see fit.

In the spirit of the exchange, I've set up a few fellow artists to do a similar thing for photography.

The conditions are:

  • Each photographer gets to nominate an inspiration, in this round of collaboration it's a song.
  • Each photographer is to produce an image per song with a minimum of two songs.
  • Images are to be submitted by Jan 31 digitally and will be published here shortly there after.

Songs Nominated:

  • My choice:  "All the rowboats" by Regina Spektor (Youtube)
  • Kevin's choice: "Fire meets gasoline" by Sia (Youtube)
  • Evan's Choice: "Pets" by Porno for Pyros (Youtube)